As of January 9, 2018: a commonplace book.

The world consists of information: consumption, disorder, overload. This is me trying to sift through it.

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Intermittent Transmissions


The relentless hustle of startup culture, or the crunch of game development, or whatever synonym other tech-adjacent industries like to use for the endless grind of work, all rest on the metaphor of the worker as a single-minded machine.


"Data is time-sensitive." Do we ever actually own anything digital?


There's a popular tendency to view technology as an "objective" field, "purer" and somehow more essential for it.


Our office intern asked me a strange question this morning: "Hey Kate, when you don't like a person, is it obvious?"

Check your privilege

My dad taught me chess when I was six years old. I learned on one of those huge wooden boards you could pluck from the bottom shelves of National Bookstoreā€™s ever-baffling children’s games section. You Read more…