Mapping happiness with ggplot2 in R

I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of coding with R every day, with the goal of compiling

movie log, 1 of n

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I’ve never been a “movie person.” Stories of all kinds compel me, but I’ve never had any particular interest in,

black cassette tape on top of red and yellow surface

Pandemic playlist

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What kind of music will fill up the dead air of an interminable year? If I knew, maybe 2020’s playlist


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“In a perfect autocracy, the population of nobodies never speaks, all their thoughts and feeling formulated and uttered by the leader and/or his representatives.”

Letters Home

Half the time, it feels like sending signals out into space. But we’ve learned so much of the universe that way, haven’t we?

Not a Gamer: Tiny Echo

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In Tiny Echo, you play as a one-eyed entity wandering the bowels of a blighted land, delivering mail to spirits.