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He had so much to give—stories, reflection, engagement—that somehow none of us ever noticed just how much he was withholding. He could love everybody on the terms on which they needed to be loved, give everybody what they needed to receive; and so, in the end, none of us really Read more…


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“In a perfect autocracy, the population of nobodies never speaks, all their thoughts and feeling formulated and uttered by the leader and/or his representatives.”

Check your privilege

This has been sitting in my Google Drive since 2018. I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and figured I might as well find some closure for it. So. Just in time for Father’s Day, too. You know, two decades ago, this day would have meant several hours hunched Read more…

Redefining media dynamics in the age of social media*

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In the days leading up to Brexit Day, Boris Johnson broke “with long-standing tradition” and chose to keep broadcasters from recording his message. Instead, as Jon Williams from Ireland’s national broadcasting service observed above, the PM used social media as his primary channel for sending the message out. Now, Johnson hasn’t had Read more…

Logged writing

Lately, there’s been some buzz about reviving the practice of blogging. Warren Ellis has posted about it, as has Chuck Wendig, and a bunch of other people, I’m sure. There seems to be a growing collective awareness of how ephemeral social media can be, and how devastating that can be Read more…

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All these clocks, like the whole information industry today, run the risk of no longer communicating anything because they tell too much. But they also possess another characteristic of the information industry: they no longer speak of anything except themselves and their internal functioning. Eco, Umberto. “How Not to Know Read more…