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Rapid-Fire Thoughts: 2018 Read Harder Challenge Update

The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge continues. Since my last reading challenge update, I’ve finished: #2: A book of true

Cover for Emiliana Kampilan's Dead Balagtas Vol 1: Mga Sayaw ng Dagat at Lupa

Read Harder #4: Dead Balagtas Vol. 1: Mga Sayaw ng Dagat at Lupa

It’s easy to feel divorced from history. As a kid, I saw all my history lessons at a remove: upheavals,

Notes from “The Guns of August”

Here’s my first book for this year’s Read Harder Challenge! I first started reading The Guns of August two years ago. “Started,”

2017 Read Harder Challenge

I read around 30 books last year, many of them during the later months when work became less hectic. The