Starting over

An extended prelude to a clean slate
This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Annual Soundtracks

This is a little over a week late. In my defence, I’ve been to the mountains and then to the sea, where reliable internet connections were hard to come by.

Not that I tried very hard to get this posted in time. These annual soundtrack posts have always been an excuse to ruminate a bit on the past year, but I’m honestly still processing a lot of what has happened.

If there’s a throughline for this playlist — and alright, who am I kidding, of course there is — then it might well be the thorny process of figuring out how people fit into your life and how you fit in theirs.

Or, no, that’s not quite the honest summary, is it?

This playlist kicks in once that process is over, and you’ve recognised that quite a lot of your life has been reduced to accommodating people who might not even deserve to be there, but you don’t quite know how to undo all the tangled knots yet. A whole other process, as it were; a protracted lesson in pushing back against that reduction, over and over again.

Life is so much bigger, I keep telling myself. Maybe this year it will finally stick.