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Today in science, 12.02.24

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I love humans

Grief (1)

There’s a book that I’ve been reading for the past twelve years. Off and on, off and on.

Flora Singapura: New finds in GBB

Plants have always been an important part of a good day for me. When I run into plants, that means


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The relentless hustle of startup culture, or the crunch of game development, or whatever synonym other tech-adjacent industries like to use for the endless grind of work, all rest on the metaphor of the worker as a single-minded machine.


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There’s a popular tendency to view technology as an “objective” field, “purer” and somehow more essential for it.

Photo of a smartphone, Apple earphones, and a cup of coffee

Podcast notes: Broader implications

Listened to an illuminating episode of the Global Dispatches podcast recently. The featured guest was Dr. Angela Chang, who discussed