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The relentless hustle of startup culture, or the crunch of game development, or whatever synonym other tech-adjacent industries like to use for the endless grind of work, all rest on the metaphor of the worker as a single-minded machine.

Redefining media dynamics in the age of social media*

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In the days leading up to Brexit Day, Boris Johnson broke “with long-standing tradition” and chose to keep broadcasters from recording his message. Instead, as Jon Williams from Ireland’s national broadcasting service observed above, the PM used social media as his primary channel for sending the message out. Now, Johnson hasn’t had Read more…

Logged writing

Lately, there’s been some buzz about reviving the practice of blogging. Warren Ellis has posted about it, as has Chuck Wendig, and a bunch of other people, I’m sure. There seems to be a growing collective awareness of how ephemeral social media can be, and how devastating that can be Read more…

Learning UX design basics

Last week, I tuned in to General Assembly’s Intro to UX Design livestream for Asia-Pacific audiences. Technical hiccups aside, it was a good overview of what UX design is and what the work of a UX designer entails. The talk addressed key questions like: What is UX design? What does Read more…