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Sunday Share: Social Selling in Southeast Asia

Each month, I’m writing at least one post based on a theme. For March, it’s all about unpublished drafts.

Mapping happiness with ggplot2 in R

I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of coding with R every day, with the goal of compiling


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The relentless hustle of startup culture, or the crunch of game development, or whatever synonym other tech-adjacent industries like to use for the endless grind of work, all rest on the metaphor of the worker as a single-minded machine.


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“Data is time-sensitive.” Do we ever actually own anything digital?


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There’s a popular tendency to view technology as an “objective” field, “purer” and somehow more essential for it.

Basic analysis of Twitter takedown data

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Earlier this month, political analyst Amal Sinha tweeted some preliminary analyses of Twitter data about false accounts / bots: Some