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“In a perfect autocracy, the population of nobodies never speaks, all their thoughts and feeling formulated and uttered by the leader and/or his representatives.”

Basic analysis of Twitter takedown data

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Earlier this month, political analyst Amal Sinha tweeted some preliminary analyses of Twitter data about false accounts / bots: Some

Redefining media dynamics in the age of social media*

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In the days leading up to Brexit Day, Boris Johnson broke “with long-standing tradition” and chose to keep broadcasters from recording his

The novel coronavirus and misinformation fears in PH social media

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This term, one of our modules focuses on relationship management in the social media age. Part of the class requirements

Neither a bang nor a whimper

Two major incidents in the South China Sea last week. On Tuesday, the CSIS’ Asian Maritime Transparency Initiative reported China’s new

So You Want to Contact Your Representative

So you’d like to ask your district representative and our senators to say NO to considering kids potential criminals, restoring